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Haven’t we all lost our nerves at least once by folding an oversized map on a sightseeing-tour? Indeed, we can rely on technology and use a digital map on our mobile phone, but often the real challenge comes when trying to find a hotspot or even to charge your phone in the city.


Well, if you haven’t mastered your navigation skills yet and you fear that your precious smartphone will end up on the ground with a crack on its display: EggMap is the perfect gadget for you. It fits in your hand or your pocket and has manual zooming – just by squeezing it, you’ll get more details about the place than bumbling with a printed version.


Drop it, throw it against the wall – it’s ready for the ride thanks to its incredible flexibility. As it’s filled with 100% of air, you don’t have to worry about it making your bag heavier, either. To make it better, it’s made of water-proof material so you can use it even in unfriendly weather conditions like rain, wind,mud or snow.


EggMap is the most fun way to stroll around - wherever you are. I can’t wait to get lost again!

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