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Foliage Memory is an eco-friendly conceptual wallpaper that tricks the mind before drawing attention to alarming global deforestation.The wallpaper displays realistic shadows of foliage in a light-filled context, so the observer feels the soothing atmosphere created by the trees’ shadows and assumes their presence closeby.


Half-shadows and shadows are created behind an opaque object when the light comes from an extensive light source. Perceptible but still elusive, there are few phenomena that intrigue the human mind as much as a shadow.


In Foliage Memory, shadows here as a lack of light become a metaphor for a lack of vegetation. 

The foliage is missing. Beyond decorativeness, the real function of the wallpaper is to be a constant reminder of deforestation as we constantly search for the shadows’ source.


We are in a climate emergency. Worldwide forest fires and overheated urban environments mean we need to take urgent action to protect our natural environment. 


Foliage Memory is an everyday memento

of what we stand to lose if we

don’t takeaction,

in our homes.

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