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The portable magic of Hungarian thermal baths in your home - without the voyeurs. Get behind the curtain and relax, you deserve it!

Budapest is called the City of Spas because it sits on over a hundred thermal springs with healing qualities. One of the reasons the Romans first colonized the area is so that they could utilize and enjoy the thermal springs. Many of the thermal baths in the city are centuries old, most importantly the Turkish baths like the Király Baths or the Rudas Baths dating back to 16th and 17th centuries, and Budapest also has the largest medicinal bath (Széchenyi) in Europe. 


Which bath you choose is a matter of taste and what exactly you’re looking for – be it fun, a hangover cure or relief for something more serious. Aching for a game of water chess or just for a relaxing bath in peace? Relieve the Hungarian vibe in your own home.

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