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Block Stickers
  • Block Stickers


    Set of uniqe tile stickers


    Get a glimpse into these post soviet blocks of apartments from the socialist era and get the whole set to recreate your own post-communist neighbourhood on your wall. These “panel” apartments were fast and cheap to build so you can still find them anywhere in the former Eastern bloc countries. Have fun with the retro charm of ultrathin walls, low ceilings and teleheating.


    Product description: 9 or 20 or 30 Pieces

    Set of stickers, ideal for tiles.

    Size: 9x7 cm

    Please keep away from children under 3 years.

    • Your Unique Selection

      Make Your own Block city on your tiles! 

      To make your customized selection, please write the serial number of the selected pieces above. In the last picture of the gallery you will find the serial numbers of the graphics.